Cory Watson

Cory lives in Norwalk with wife Jenny, son Dash, and beloved cat "Tigger." Due to a birth defect, Cory was born missing part of his left arm. He's worn a prosthesis all his life and relies on American Prosthetic for his regular maintenance. He began playing in the IAGA tournament in 2014 and has been actively engaged in its board of directors since 2015. You can follow him on Twitter @UnoArmBandit.

Nick Ackerman

Vice President
Nick Ackerman, CP, LP, is American Prosthetics and Orthotics's Director of Prosthetics. An ABC-certified prosthetist, he sees patients in the Des Moines office. Nick lost both legs below the knees at 18 months old and has been with IAGA since 2005. He is a graduate of Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa, as well as the prosthetics program at Northwestern University. In addition to work, Nick is an avid golfer and enjoys the outdoors. Nick resides in Polk City with his wife, Rachel, and 3 children, Mason, Grayer, and Finn.

Steve Husome

Steve lives in Cedar Falls, IA with his wife Jeannette where they both work full time as well as manage their non-profit organizations - the Husomestrong Foundation and Adaptive Golf Iowa. They have two grown children and two grandchildren. Steve has played golf for over 40 years and has been playing as an amputee since his recovery from a motorcycle accident where he lost his right leg below the knee. Steve has played in the Iowa Amputee Golf Tournament since 2016 and has also participated in many regional and national tournaments.

Cole Coffin

IAGA Secretary
Cole is a recent amputee and new to adaptive golf. Cole is a Des Moines area native and a recent graduate of the University of Iowa. Cole enjoys all types of sports and although has not played a lot of golf, he is learning how to adapt to the game as an above knee amputee and looking forward to becoming more involved in adaptive golf. Cole is looking forward to helping the Iowa Amputee Golf Association grow and help others like him enjoy the game of golf.

Beth Shelton
Beth is a Des Moines Native and has a lifelong love of sports. Beth was born missing a right hand and has been playing in the tournament since 2012

Donnie Coyner
Donnie Coyner lives in Hamilton, IL. Originally from Keokuk, IA. He is an Above Knee Amputee (hip disarticulation) been playing in the tournament since 1998.

Kevin Freymiller

Lives in the Des Moines area.

Tim Hermann
Tim has been active in disabled golf for almost 14 years, playing in many NAGA championships. An amputee at birth, Tim has been playing golf since a young child and golf has been a lifelong passion. Tim looks forward to bringing that passion and experience to serve IAGA in their mission to help others enjoy the game.